Do Automatic Likes Make an Impact on your Social Platforms?

News 07:04 April 2024:

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In a world where everyone wants to be famous on social media, using automatic likes to make your social media accounts popular is inevitable.  Many famous people also use auto likes to boost engagement on their Instagram and twitter accounts. Unfortunately not all auto likes services are created equal. Most of them are scams, with a few companies providing likes that disappear a few hours after you post your content. Below we look at the techniques people use boost their engagement using auto likes; both the genuine methods and questionable techniques

Free Auto like Services

Some people call them black hat or black water techniques, but using readily available online services to add the number of likes on your Instagram account is a trend today. It is easy to register for the services, and the good thing is that you don’t have to pay a thing.Once registered, you can then request for free auto likes everytime you post content on Instagram, twitter or other social media platforms. Being that simple in nature, most people have flooded these sites with request to use their services. In fact, a recent study shows that almost half of twitter accounts are bots-most of which are used to deliver the auto likes you ask for.


  • They come free of charge
  • You get a boost in number of likes on your social media platforms


  • The likes come from bots; meaning you get zero boosts in engagements or any reactions that could lead to an increase in real followers.
  • Most often the automatic likes are temporary.
  • Not reliable.

Paid For Automatic Likes

A better version of free auto likes come at a price. Don’t worry though as most of the times you don’t have to pay more than a dollar for likes. Ideally, you pay for the number of likes you wish to get. The service providers then deliver the likes naturally like real people would. In some cases, quality service providers deliver likes from accounts from real people or from accounts that resemble those of real people.


  • Reliable services-The more popular, paid for service providers deliver auto likes in a more reliable manner.
  • Natural Likes-You benefit more from automatic likes when they come from legitimate sources. Paid for service providers can help you get almost natural likes that will attract your target market to your account and the content you provide.


  • Can’t match receiving likes from real people-Most often, paid for likes deliver likes from bots that cannot engage with your content.

Irrespective of where you get them, having many likes on your social media accounts feels good. There is also the benefit of social proof. Most of your target market are more likely to listen to what you say when you have a list of people who like your content. And if you can get the social proof you need by paying a couple of dollars, there is hardly any problem with that.